Alpha Phi Omega Torch & Trefoil - Fall 1996

Eternal Flame in Houston - At midnight on December 30, 1970, following the close of the 1970 National Convention in Houston, Texas, a Fraternity tradition was begun.

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE - By Wilfred M. Krenek, National President - Twenty-five years ago I was initiated as a member of Alpha Phi Omega.

Letters to the Editor - Patrick Burke, Alpha Phi Omega National Executive Director and Torch & Trefoil Editor, welcomes your thoughts and comments.

Chapters - Chapter Activities and Pictures

History Facts

What's Going On with LF&S - CHAPTER MANAGEMENT - RISKY MANAGEMENT by Patrick Burke, National Executive Director

ALUMNI - Alumni: An Idea for the Future - APO Alumna Nicole Karlson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has found the way to extend and continue the humanitarian and leadership goals of Alpha Phi Omega.

1995-1996 A Fiscal Review by Bobby M. Hainline, National Finance Chair - The annual report for the fiscal year ending August 31, 1996, is presented for your review.

Guest Column - Leadership Development It's Not Just for Officers... It's for Everyone by Allen Wong, D.D.S., National Leadership Development Chair - No matter who you are or when you joined Alpha Phi Omega, your development as a leader is an ongoing process, a process which sometimes does not get the attention it deserves.

A Page in History - For over 70 years Alpha Phi Omega has been going strong. Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

Q&A - Everything you ever wanted to know about Alpha Phi Omega and finally got around to asking: Who works in the APO National Office and what do they do? What is "Nationals?" Regarding legislation considered by the National Convention, what is the difference between an amendment and a resolution?

When the Spirit Makes a Motion by Jack A. McKenzie, National Vice President - It is the nature of a National Convention for it to include spirited debates over fundamentally important issues within the Fraternity.

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